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Jengary ([personal profile] vuvuzelas) wrote2012-06-21 06:48 pm
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Woop I should probably actually update this.

So! As of today, I'm scheduled for my MRI and then Pain Therapy and eventually Spinal Repair Surgery that will commence once the two are complete. All in all it will be about 30k so I've been blessed with Official Status as being the Homestuck Horn maker for cosplay props.

All the information can be found on my deviantART and my tumblr.

For those who didn't know, yes I go by either Jen, Lambency, Corrin or Pusheen. Those are just little nicknames I usually pick but mostly Corrin or Lambency since those are tied to my business and there are more than one Jens in the world. Pusheen mostly since I use the Pusheen images on CGL and that's how people associate me.

Feel free to add me anywhere and just ask for any information on the Homestuck horns or anything!